Goruck Light Packing list and what I would change next time

My Goruck Light Packing list and Principle of Organization

This past weekend, I completed my first Goruck Light Challenge, where we carried a weighted backpack for 6.5 hours, rucked (a.k.a. walking with a weighted pack) for 7-10 miles,did PT (physical training), and had a lot of fun with our whole team. I think packed right for a first-timer, but I also learned a few things that I would do different. So I’ll share my packing list and setup, and what I would do different next.

How I pack turns out to work really well for the event. The two improvements I would do is to (1) pack another bladder, and (2) pack another pair of shoes (light weight is fine). The following picture shows everything I brought to the challenge.

Goruck Light packing list

Top row: weight, ruck, bladder. Bottom row: dry sack (sock + shirt), pelican case with food, pelican case with personal items + batteries, head lamp, gloves

I’ll go over how I actually setup my ruck in the following section. The key thing is, I did not overpack. It is not a week-long camping trip. Bring the essentials, and have some spares for the essentials 🙂
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