Who am I (short version; see facts below)?

A scientist who is interested in all things self-defense-related and exploring new things (a.k.a. SciencePenguin24).

What do I write about?

I write about what I’m exploring (e.g., What is EDC? Starting BJJ), and reviews on the gears and events/classes I use/do throughout my exploration. As a scientist by training, I try to take an experimental approach to testing out new gears or ways of doing things. After accumulating enough personal experiences with whatever I’m exploring, I write about it.

This approach of (Exp * 3) of exploring something through experimenting and personal experiences ensures that I’m not just parroting opinions of the many other valuable articles online.

When I’ve accumulated enough posts on a certain category, they will break out into their own section (e.g., CCW, Gear Reviews).

Why Explore? Learning skills instead of information.

The act of acquiring a new skill humbles me and pushes me back to the bottom of being a “beginner”. I go through cycles in which I immerse myself into a new thing (which comes with a new crowd of people), until a point where I’m approved by the community at large to stand on my own. At that point, I either choose to shoot for a high level of mastery, or start something new again.

Exploring and learning new skills (not just new information) allow me to continuously experience something novel. It grants me to multiple opportunities to experiment with ways to fine tune my life. I get to examine what could be incorporated into my life for the long-term, which could replace old habits, or at the least, I got to participate in something novel and eye opening.

This lifestyle resembles the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”, which isn’t necessarily negative . The exposure allows us to appreciate the many kinds of mastery in various fields, be it a sport, a craft, or a very niche type of research.

In a sense, I try to master the process of learning.

Who am I (some facts)?


  • I conduct research in cognitive neuroscience.
  • I’m an Asian American who grew up in Asia, but now I’m back in America-of-America (Texas).
  • I like martial arts (yes, very stereotypical), math, pretty graphs, video games, large-face watches, manual cars, and quality equipment of all kind (I just appreciate good designs and craftsmanship).
  • One of the more interesting part-time job I had was teaching guitar in a juvenile prison.
  • When I’m not doing research, I’m likely training, either in Choy Li FutKrav Maga (I like tradition AND practicality), and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • Fuel by coffee and carbonated water (loooove bubble water).
  • Why penguins? See below for science penguin meme!

Science penguin!

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